Benvenuti in Vibropress
Quality certification

Since 1998 is operating inside the foundry a Quality Management System, in conformity with the ISO 9000 norms, that prescribes and regulates all the operational and managerial  procedures of the Company. This includes

- the B-to-B management,

- the customers relationship management,

- the die casting moulds and production tools project

- the monitoring and controlling of all the production phases and of the produced items

- the management of specific maintenance programs in order to guarantee the continuous efficiency of the production equipments

- the periodical calibration of the control and measurements instruments

- the effective management of the rough material, semi-worked materials and ready products stock.

In February 2003 VIBROPRESS obtained the certification VISION 2000 and

in February 2010  they obtained the Certification upon the norms UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008, as evidence of the constant will of ameliorating their internal operational and managerial  processes.


You can download the new certificate of quality in pdf format, click the link below.



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